Super Sapphire Hone

Part #: S2000

Super Sapphire Hone

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Super Sapphire Polishing Hone

Key Features:

- Ultra Fine Grit (2000) Ceramic Sharpening Surface

- Brass threaded insert for Stainless Steel Thumb Screw

- Ergonomic Plastic Housing

- Made in the USA!

The ultimate accessory for your Lansky Sharpening System. This 2000 grit ceramic Polishing Hone lets you achieve the ultimate, factory-style finish on an already sharpened blade.  Mirror Polish, here we come!

*This product is not included in any System; it is only sold separately.


For use with the Lansky Controlled Angle Sharpening Kits.  

1. This product is used just the same as all the controlled angle hones first starting by inserting the guide rod, insuring it's in line with the sharpening surface.  Reference minute 1:45 in our Kit Instuctional Video for how to properly assemble the Guide Rod and the Hone.  

2.  Be certain you set the angle to the same as the one pre-established on your knife.  Next, sharpen away!  Unless it's a daily touch up, the Super Sapphire Hone should be used along with a more coarse hone.  The Super Sapphire will be the finishing touch to leave a polished edge on your knife.