Natural Black Hard Arkansas Hone

Part #: SOBHA

Natural Black Hard Arkansas Hone

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Key Features:

- Extra Hard (1200-1400 grit) Naturally Occurring Novaculite Arkansas Hone

- Threaded Brass Insert for Stainless Steel Screw

- Ergonomic Plastic Housing

- Made in the USA!

- Arkansas stones have been coveted for generations for their simultaneous cutting and polishing qualities.

 For polishing and refining an already sharp edge. The Natural Black Hard Arkansas Hone is cut from traditional Arkansas Whetstone. Great for polishing an already sharp edge. Must be used with Nathan's Honing Oil to achieve the best results.


*This product is included in the Natural Arkansas Sharpening System.


For use with the Lansky Controlled Angle Sharpening Kits:  

  1. Insert the guide rod into the hone.
  2. Make sure the rod is in line with the sharpening surface.  
  3. Bend the rod slightly, if needed. (See our Kit Instructional Video [minute 1:45] for how to properly assemble the guide rod and hone).  
  4. Set the angle to the same one pre-established on your knife.  
  5. Sharpen away!