Diamond Pen

Part #: DROD1

3-sided Diamond Pen sharpens small pocket knives, serrated blades, and fish hooks.

Diamond Pen


The Diamond Pen is perfect for sharpening small pocket knives, serrated blades, and fish hooks. The retractable 600 grit sharpening rod stores easily within the plastic casing. The 3-sided Diamond Pen gives users the ability to sharpen serrations of various sizes.


  • Retractable 600 grit diamond sharpening rod
  • Lightweight plastic casing with clip
  • Length: 5 inches


Loosen the cap at the end of the Diamond Pen. Pull the sharpening rod into position and tighten the cap. Hold the Diamond Pen with one hand, and the tool you’d like to sharpen with the other.

Sharpening pocket knives

Use the flat side of the sharpening rod. Draw the knife edge down the sharpening surface as if you were attempting to slice a thin layer off the surface. Repeat this motion 3 – 4 times using light to moderate pressure. Repeat on other side, always making sure the blade is moving away from you as you sharpen. Maintain a consistent angle for best results.

Serrated knives

Use the corners of the sharpening rod for serrated knives. Slide the rod across the serrations, moving the blade away from you. Repeat until desired sharpness is achieved.

Fish hooks

The Diamond Pen has three V-shaped grooves on the sharpening rod for sharpening fish hooks. Hold the hook and choose a suitable notch, then place the hook in the notch. Move the hook back and forth until sharp.


Clean the surface of the sharpening rod after each use with a bit of water, and wipe with a dry rag, or soft-bristled brush. The rod should be completely dry before next usage. Loosen the cap on the Diamond Pen and push the diamond rod back into the tube, and then tighten the cap.