The History of Lansky Sharpeners

February 3, 2022

Lansky’s entry into the sharpening world started over 40 years ago when Arthur Lansky Levine, a medical student and prospective coroner was consistently disappointed by the sharpness of his surgical tools. He started tackling the challenge of making a sharpener that anyone could use to get a razor-sharp edge on their tools and knives. Pairing his surgical knowledge with his experience managing his family’s outdoors store, Arthur set out to learn what challenges faced the knife sharpening world and how he could solve them.

“When I was a kid, I used to visit my uncle, who was the county coroner, and I remember being fascinated by the Microtome knife sharpener they used for scalpels. Having been in the outdoors business and remembering my father’s advice to produce something that everybody can use, I started fiddling around with a sharpening system” –Arthur Lansky Levine, 1987

A true American success story, Arthur developed the famous Controlled-Angle Sharpening System and started Arthur Lansky Levine & Associates out of his parent’s basement in 1979. Using contacts from his outdoor retail experience, Arthur started supplying the new sharpening system to outdoor retailers worldwide. As the popularity of his sharpening system grew, so did Lansky Sharpeners. Arthur continued to develop accessories for the Controlled-Angle System and ergonomic hand sharpeners for field use.

 As the line continued to develop, so did the Lansky brand, reaching more retail stores, consumers and slowly but surely becoming the most extensive line of sharpening equipment and accessories found today.

43 years later, Lansky Sharpeners continues to honor Arthur’s legacy” ... produce something that everybody can use”, by steadily innovating new sharpening tools for the home, shop, kitchen and field.




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