Choosing the Best Knife Sharpener

April 20, 2022

You don’t have to be a chef or outdoorsman to sharpen your own knives. There are many sharpeners that can make the process easy for anyone. Let’s look at a few.

The Controlled-Angle System


Invented in 1979, by Arthur Lansky Levine, the controlled-angle system makes knife sharpening simple for anyone. Each system comes with a set of sharpening hones that vary in coarseness so that you can choose the right one depending on how damaged your blade is. The best part of this system is the multi-angle clamp. This clamp is the true genius of the controlled-angle system. You’ll never have to struggle with manually trying to find the right angle of your knife like you would with a whetstone because the clamp in the system provides 4 angles (17 degrees, 20, 25 and 30), which will sharpen everything from thin filet knives, to knives used for heavy duty jobs like cutting rope.  


The D-Sharp

d-sharp sm.jpg

If you’re looking for something small that you can carry with you on hikes, while hunting, or just wherever, the D-Sharp might be the sharpener for you. While there are many different pocket sharpeners on the market, the D-Sharp is special for a couple of reasons. One: it’s perfect as a controlled-angle system accessory. It has the same four angles as the controlled-angle system.  So if you’ve sharpened your knife at home already and just need a touch-up in the field; you’ll be able to sharpen your blade to the exact same angle. Two: the “D” in D-Sharp stands for diamond. Diamond is an aggressive abrasive and will sharpen your knife quickly (in just a few strokes).

The Blademedic is also a great sharpener to throw in your backpack or go-bag. It has two sharpening slots, one tungsten carbide and one ceramic (both set at 22.5 degrees), a ceramic benchstone, and a diamond rod for serrations. Truly, first aid for your blade.


Master’s Edge


The Master's Edge is a rod-style sharpening system that includes a pair of both medium and fine ceramic rods for sharpening and polishing. Also included in the system is a medium ceramic triangular rod, which will sharpen all types of serrations as well as awls and fish hooks. Features three of the most common sharpening angles: 17º, 20° and 25°, a rubber non-slip base, easy snap in rod storage, and an integrated hand guard.

This sharpening system works as well on hunting knives and utility knives as it does as a kitchen knife sharpener. Looks great on a counter but also stores away easily in a drawer.

If you’d prefer a rod-style sharpener you can throw in your backpack, the 4-Rod Turn Box fits the bill. It has the same angles as the Master’s Edge; only the rods are shorter, making it more suitable for travel.

To sum up, if you’re looking for a sharpener with multiple angles for multiple kinds of knives that you can keep at home as your go-to sharpener, we’d suggest the Controlled-Angle System. Pocket Sharpener options include the D-Sharp and Blademedic. And if you’re looking for a rod-style sharpener, we’d recommend the Master’s Edge or Lansky Turn Box.

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