T.A.S.K. Apocalypse Survival Kit


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No longer available. Please see the P.R.E.P (Preparedness Resource Equipment Pack).

Prepare. Survive.

The T.A.S.K. (Tactical Apocalypse Survival Kit) has been designed by Lansky to serve as the core of your emergency bag. These tools were selected to handle a number of situations including, escape from dangerous circumstances and basic survival during a variety of natural disaster or apocalypse scenarios.   

The T.A.S.K. is housed in a 20L tactical backpack which allows you to “bug out” in a flash.  Features padded back panel, a large main compartment  plus a front pouch, both with organizational gear pockets, M.O.L.E. attachments, adjustable hip and sternum straps, water bottle holder, hydration system compartment and compression straps to lock down the load.  

T.A.S.K includes:


LifeStraw® Water Purification: This powerful device filters 99.9% of dangerous bacteria and protozoan parasites complying with EPA standards for water filtration. Allows you to drink directly from lakes, rivers, or your water bottle by simply putting the lower part of the straw in the water and sipping.  Filters up to 264 gallons (1,000 liters).

Tactical Flashlight: Shed light on your situation!  This ultra bright LED flashlight is compact and rugged.  Constructed of aluminum alloy and featuring a belt clip, lanyard and multiple light output settings

Firesteel/Compass: Creates a flood of sparks when scraped against the striker edge to produce fire when you desperately need it. The compact button compass aids in navigation.

Paracord Bracelet: A practical way to carry up to 8’ of 550 paracord for when you need it most.  Easy to take apart in an emergency, this extra bit of cording could mean the difference between surviving or not.  Featuring a plastic buckle for securing to your wrist or pack.

Mini Survival Guide: This pocket sized survival guide is split into 3 sections: Wilderness Survival, Urban Survival and Zombie Apocalypse Survival. The guide focuses on the essential skills needed to survive in a variety of emergency scenarios and also has a section with suggested items to supplement your T.A.S.K. with.

**For a fast-acting hemostatic product that stops bleeding, we recommend adding CELOX to your bag. CELOX is FDA approved and is the only hemostatic product proven by the U.S. Department of Naval Research to stop bleeding in people who take blood thinners, or those who have a bleeding or clotting disorder like hemophilia.






Feb 21st, 2014
Stands back from the kebyaord in amazement! Thanks!
Feb 21st, 2014
I would like to thank earl for his review. Last time we had a zombie apocalypse I almost didn't make it. Knowing someone else has had success with this kit is the reason I am buying it. Thanks again earl.
Feb 21st, 2014
i love this kit, last apocalypse i was in got pretty bad with all those damn zombies. This bad boy got me through alllll kinds of apocalyptic scenarios... i even custom etched "zombie slayer 4 life" on my blade! thanks lansky for not letting me turn into a walker!
Feb 21st, 2014
It has a lotta room in that bag; enough for my nail kit? Gotta look my best when I'm-a slain' them damned zombies!!
Feb 21st, 2014
Hey Charlee, one of our main goals with this kit was to have it not limit you on capabilities. Therefore, we've added tons of extra space for anything from extra water bottles, nail kits, to a couple fixed blades and a crowbar.

-Alex @ Lansky
Oct 28th, 2014
Wow, a kit that contains a real battle axe. If the zombies get my wife I will have a replacement in the back-pack.
Dec 10th, 2015
This pack seems just perfect for my brother. He's a 'Prepper' and im thinking of getting it for him as a Christmas gift. but I think if I actually buy it im gonna want to keep it for myself haha! P.S. Winter is Coming and so are the ZOMBIES!

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Prepare. Survive.