Super Sapphire Hone



Super Sapphire Polishing Hone

Key Features:

- Ultra Fine Grit (2000) Ceramic Sharpening Surface

- Brass threaded insert for Stainless Steel Thumb Screw

- Ergonomic Plastic Housing

- Made in the USA!

The ultimate accessory for your Lansky Sharpening System. This 2000 grit ceramic Polishing Hone lets you achieve the ultimate, factory-style finish on an already sharpened blade.  Mirror Polish, here we come!

*This product is not included in any System; it is only sold separately.

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Jay Pierce
Feb 21st, 2014
Very good stone. Very hard and extremely fine, but it should be noted that it is almost unusable until dressed. My fine hone gave a better polish than this one until I smoothed its surface. It took me nearly three hours worth of scrubbing it on a concrete block, then finishing it with a silicon carbide stone.

The good news is that it works phenomenally once it is dressed, and you'll only have to do it once.

Same story with the ceramic stone, but it doesn't take as long to dress.
Feb 21st, 2014
Got so excited when i received the hone that i wrecked a knife :-(.

Redressing it is half completed atm. Results are encouraging

Feb 21st, 2014
(Sports) I have been sharpening my own kveins for over forty years. In all that time, my kveins were consistently sharper than any others. That changed when I came across the Lansky 4-rod Turn Box Crock Stick Sharpener. The simplicity of this product makes it superior in every aspect. I know, for I own several other types of knife sharpeners. Before I go out fishing, hunting, or even just for a hike, I sharpen all my kveins with the Lansky 4-rod sharpener. Once in the field, if I need to refresh the edge (which is extremely rare), I use a Lansky hand held diamond sharpener. You cannot go wrong with this product.
Feb 21st, 2014
My sapphire stone worked great right out of the packaging. It puts a very fine polish on the blade and really does a good job at taking off any final burrs from the edge. I am able to easily shave arm hairs with the lightest touch after I'm done sharpening and using this as a final hone. I sharpen my kitchen and buck 110 knives at a 20 degree angle, an my buck 191 hunting knife to 25 degrees. Can shave easily with all of them when done.
Joshua G. Feldman
Feb 21st, 2014
Lansky bills the Super Sapphire as the ultimate finishing stone for the Lansky system and I'm not going to disagree. I find that the super sapphire has a bit of a granular feel, with more bite than the pink fine or white ultra fine stones. It feels like it removes more metal than either of those, I get a robust burr pretty quickly - but the edge produced is blamelessly sharp. I've had it for a month now and always use it after the pink fine stone and marvel at how well and quickly it raises a burr compared to the pink or white stones. I find that a bit mystifying given that the grit is finer. Maybe the super sapphire is finer grit but softer? In any case it's an awesome finishing stone. My knives have a razor-like finish.
Feb 21st, 2014
I have the diamond kit and bought the yellow ultra fine and saphire stones as well. If I finish with the yellow, I think the edge looks cleaner and more polished but the bite that this saphire buts on the edge is terrific so I finish with this. I don't even strop as that takes away the bite that this stone puts on my edges. I really like it.

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For use with the Lansky Controlled Angle Sharpening Kits.  

1. This product is used just the same as all the controlled angle hones first starting by inserting the guide rod, insuring it's in line with the sharpening surface.  Reference minute 1:45 in our Kit Instuctional Video for how to properly assemble the Guide Rod and the Hone.  

2.  Be certain you set the angle to the same as the one pre-established on your knife.  Next, sharpen away!  Unless it's a daily touch up, the Super Sapphire Hone should be used along with a more coarse hone.  The Super Sapphire will be the finishing touch to leave a polished edge on your knife.