Serrated Bread Knife Sharpener

Part #: LSKNF

Serrated Bread Knife Sharpener

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Serrated Bread Knife Sharpener

Prolong the life of your bread knives and assure better, safer bread slicing.


Serrated Bread Knife Sharpener

Step 1 - Grip the sharpener firmly by the handle using your dominant hand.

Step 2 - Holding the knife firmly with the other hand (with the edge facing away from you!) bring the edge of the sharpener to the serration.

Step 3 - While maintaining a consistent angle and with even pressure, gently push the sharpener against the serration, while using a rolling motion to sweep the sharpener’s corner from one side of the serration to the other. A single stroke will remove any burrs on the reverse, flat side of your blade.

Be Smart, Be Safe and Stay an Edge Above the Rest!

CAUTION: Knife sharpening is an inherently dangerous activity. Used properly this sharpener cannot hurt you but a carelessly handled blade or pointed object can.