Quick Fix Pocket Sharpener



Quick Fix® Pocket Sharpener

Lansky’s Quick Fix® pocket sharpener combines two great sharpening technologies to give you the fastest blade tune-up anywhere. Just 3 or 4 strokes on the tungsten carbide side and your knife is sharp. Or a few quick strokes on the Crock Stick ceramic rods can be used to touch up a blade. It’s that fast! It’s that easy! The compact Quick Fix is small enough for your pocket, tackle box, daypack, briefcase or purse.

Sharpening angles are pre-set at 22.5º to achieve a 45º inclusive angle.



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B. Taylor
Feb 21st, 2014
Via Amazon.com
I bought one of these for my backpack and was impressed.. It will touch up your knife nicely. I have used it on 440 stainless 1095 carbonn 1085 carbon 1075 carbon 1055 carbon 420 hc and all worked well. I actually had bought a cheap cold steel kukri that was dull and I didn't have a wheeled sharpener available and I couldn't get it to take an edge with a stone. The carbide side on this actually fixed it..
Feb 21st, 2014
i am going to try it i hope it sharpens good
Feb 21st, 2014
While it won't create that razors edge from a dull knife that a vice-type Lansky will produce, it's a great tool to keep your edge in good shape. This sharpener isn't designed for heavy lifting and trying to do too much with it, for instance, starting with a hopelessly dull knife, will disappoint you. However, if you are starting with a reasonably sharp knife and just need to touch it up from time to time, you simply won't find a faster, more convenient tool for the job.

If you buy one, avoid using too much downward force on the blade. Excessive force causes an uneven edge that's impossible to correct with this tool, but can be worked out with either a vice-style Lansky or some time on the whetstone. Light pressure is all you need to maintain a very good edge.
Feb 21st, 2014
What is the angle on this sharpener?
Feb 21st, 2014
Hey Justin, in case you don't see our e-mail I just sent you: the angle of this sharpeners (and ALL other pull-through styles) is 22.5 degrees. Meaning that both sides of your blade will add up to 45 degrees after using this to sharpen it. I hope this helps!

-Alex @ Lansky
Feb 21st, 2014

If I sharpen my blades to a 25 degree angle using the Lansky System, does that mean that since this pocket sharpener is 22.5 degrees, it will be ineffective in touching up my blades?

It seems that the angles are incompatible and the pocket sharpener would never reach the edge of the blade with these angles.

There is not a 22.5 degree angle on the Lansky Clamp System.

Should I not bother to touch up my knives on my pocket sharpener?
Feb 21st, 2014
Hey Rob, Great question. You're mostly right. We make our pull-through sharpeners for those who don't want to spend the time using our kit or other methods of sharpening. If you're already using the kit, it seems silly to then use a pull-through style. Now, if you want to use the 'Quick Fix' one side at a time (like a tiny Lansky TurnBox. Only sharpening one side of the blade at a time instead of just putting it in the bottom of the v-shape ceramic/carbide bits), you would just want to position the knife accordingly to have the ceramic line up with your bevel edge. Generally, we DON'T intend the pull-through style of sharpeners to be used in conjunction with our controlled angle kits. A quick answer, I suppose, would be that 22.5 is closest to most factory ground edges, that way it insures quick sharpening for most users on their knives that still have the bevel from the factory. I hope this helps!



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Quick Fix Instructions

IMPORTANT: Don’t hurry and pay attention to what you are doing. Sharpening is an inherently hazardous activity.

Before starting, place the sharpener on a solid, flat surface. Hold the unit firmly, keeping your fingers away from the knife blade. Hold the knife straight up and down, as though you are going to slice bread.  Apply moderate pressure when drawing the knife blade through the slots.

Step 1 Draw knife blade through the gray Tungsten Carbide slot 3 – 4 times (fig A) to sharpen the blade.

Step 2 Turn sharpener over and draw the knife blade through the white Crock Stick slot 3 – 4 times  (fig B) to polish the blade.

Step 3 Carefully clean the knife edge.

CAUTION: Read the instructions provided in your Lansky kit before attempting to use any sharpening hone. If you do not have an instruction folder, write or phone Lansky Sharpeners for a copy. Knife sharpening is an inherently dangerous activity. This sharpening stone cannot hurt you but a carelessly handled blade or pointed object can

Be Smart, Be Safe and Stay an Edge Above the Rest!

CAUTION: Knife sharpening is an inherently dangerous activity. Used properly this sharpener cannot hurt you but a carelessly handled blade or pointed object can.

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