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Posted by Bill Taylor on
Not very impressed with the quality of this product. The sharpener kit is great, and this worked well with pocket knives. When I put in a kitchen knife into the clamp and after a little sharpening, the flange that holds the knife started breaking. I would think this would be a bit tougher. The kit says it is ok for use on kitchen knives too. I would love to see this knife clamp improved a great deal which in my humble opinion would make this the best sharpening kit out there. Maybe make the think steel instead of aluminum.
Posted by Jerry Harper on
Just bought a new deluxe 5 stone kit from Amazon. The multi-angle clamp snapped into where you tighten the screw. The metal is very brittle.
Posted by Jason on
The clamp needs to be re-visited!! It isn't made well at all!! Mine broke at the
lip where the smaller blades are placed. When I use larger pocket knife blades and slide the blade back into the clamp it pops out every time. It just breaks way to easy... Cheap pot metal doesn't work on everything guys! It should be replaced with the better made clamp used in there "How to sharpen" video. I've never seen one that looked like that I want one of those.
Posted by Ralf on
Great sharpening system, but poor design on the clamp. Tge clamp broke at the lop for placing small poket knives.
I am very dissapointed that a system that works so well has such a critical design flaw in the clamp. Cheap aluminum is no sub for good quality US steel
Posted by Rick on
This product is made of inferior material. I compared my lansky clamp that I bought approximately 15 years ago and it's made of better quality can tell the difference. Because of the inferior material, I refuse to buy a new lansky sharpening kit.

Lansky products used to be of high quality...they should fire the individual who's responsible for low quality products. I would rather pay more dollars for quality products then spend on inferior products that will not last more than a year.
Posted by admin on
Hi folks, I've been reading the comments on this page and I wanted to thank you all for your feedback. We are actively researching and testing new product designs and every bit of consumer input is considered during our production process. Please be patient and check back to our website from time to time for the latest news on new products and events. Again, thank you for your input, it is always be appreciated and considered.
Posted by Bryan on
I just purchased the deluxe kit after seeing the kit my friend has. The clamp that was included doesn't have the lip for smaller blades as the instructions show. Trying to clamp my knifes in is very difficult and I have to tighten the screw to the point of almost breaking the clamp.
Posted by Michael on
This is the worst part of the kit. This investment cast POS isn't worth the powered aluminum it's made with.

I've bought my last Lansky kit until they replace this holder with the extruded and machined holder they used to use.
Posted by Michael on
This is the worst part of the kit. This investment cast POS isn't worth the powd+ered aluminum it's made with.

I've bought my last Lansky kit until they replace this holder with the extruded and machined holder they used to use.
Posted by Chris P on
My dad a lansky kit many years ago(20 or so)unfortunately it was destroyed in a fire. It had a much better clamp than the kit I purchased just a couple years ago. The grove for smaller blades is well nonexistent to say the least, the metal that it is made with is very cheap. My dads was steel I believe. I have to use a flat head to tighten the clamp so the knife doesn't pop out while sharping it.

Not Impressed
Posted by Robert Montgomery on
I've had my two kits both diamond and ceramic deluxe for close to twenty years with no problems . I've sharpen knives of all kinds with no problems . Chef's , pocket and military knives . What I would like to see from Lansky is a holder I can use japanese cooking knives .A holder with smaller angles . Maybe 20 , 17 , 14 and 12 degrees . Your consideration would be greatly appreciated .
Posted by Harold on
I was going to buy one of these for my girlfriend's kitchen. After reading the reviews, I have changed my mind. The ORIGINAL multi-angle sharpening system is still available, and I intend to buy their products from now on. If all of you disappointed customers want a REAL sharpener, try the LoRay. The hones made by LoRay are superior, too. Lansky, you blew it. I saw this coming several years ago when you went to the cheap plastic cap on the Thumbscrew, which used to be all metal. Planned Obsolescence may be the way to go for Global Marketing, but it doesn't fly in my world. Thanks for listening to my rant.
Posted by Gus on
I would have to agree with the others here the clamp needs to be made with a better metal like steel the one that comes with the kit broke on mine also thanks for a great kit outside of that one thing
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