Multi-Angle Knife Clamp



Original Design knife-handling clamp. This extruded aluminum knife handling clamp can hold almost any blade. The notched jaws provide secure and exact blade handling on almost all blades, including most narrow blades (such as tiny swiss army-type blades) 1/2" wide and under.

When sharpening highly polished or coated blades, we recommend the Dual Thumbscrew Soft-Grip Clamp



Jan 11th, 2016
Sliced the back of my hand when the clamp broke while tighten the blade clamp screw. This after the small lip on the clamp broke after first use. My clamp is 2012 vintage and have used for several years by being very careful with it. I would like another blade clamp, but after reading reviews on your new clamp I am hesitant to spend the money. Do you have a steel or better clamp?


Hi John,

Sorry to hear about your mishap. You’ll be happy to know we’ve gone back to the original clamp design that helped make Lansky’s controlled-angle sharpening system so popular! The 2016 clamp is made from durable extruded aluminum and can hold almost any blade. It has notched jaws that provide secure and exact blade handling on almost all blades, including most narrow blades 1/2" wide and under. Please email us at: for more details.

When sharpening highly polished or coated blades, we recommend the Dual Thumbscrew Soft-Grip Clamp (

Thanks for reaching out!
Jan 26th, 2016
I am very pleased to read that Lansky brought back the original design clamp. I bought my first Lansky sharpening system in 1980 and always had very good results and enjoyed using it. Later systems that came with a different type of clamp (without the notch for smaller knives) did not work very well and it still puzzles me why they decided to change something that worked so well and the decision to bring back the original design shows that Lansky listens to their customers.
Oct 25th, 2016
I just purchased your Diamond set and a sapphire hone. I was introduced to the Lansky knife sharpening Elk hunting this year in Northern Alberta Canada........I would have to say that the holder I had received in the kit is much bulker and the rubber clamps really interfere in the sharping process.....very disappointed in my purchase as it was not what I was expecting after using the previous holder. I could return my Lansky as I have only had it for 4 days. Maybe we could do an exchange on the holder? I believe in your product but this holder is the worst.

HI Chris!

Please email us your shipping address to and we will mail you the original style clamp. I'm sure that you'll really like it, and please keep the rubber-jaw clamp to use as the occasion presents itself.

We designed that clamp in response to customers who wanted a clamp they could use without a screwdriver that wouldn't scratch. Unfortunately, that clamp could not accept the same range of knives as the old style clamp. We only packaged that rubber-jaw clamp with our kits for 1 year, and then we switched back to the original design. Both clamps are available for individual purchase. All kits come packaged with the original clamp now.

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Loosen the front screw. Tighten the back red thumb screw until it is approximately one full turn from being fully tightened. Loosen the front screw of the knife clamp again to accommodate thickness of blade. Attach the clamp to the spine of the knife blade at the center of the blade. Approximately ½ inch of the blade should extend from the end of the clamp. Tighten the front screw again to hold the knife securely. Lock the blade in place by hand tightening the back red thumb screw on the clamp.