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Bill Taylor
Oct 24th, 2013
Not very impressed with the quality of this product. The sharpener kit is great, and this worked well with pocket knives. When I put in a kitchen knife into the clamp and after a little sharpening, the flange that holds the knife started breaking. I would think this would be a bit tougher. The kit says it is ok for use on kitchen knives too. I would love to see this knife clamp improved a great deal which in my humble opinion would make this the best sharpening kit out there. Maybe make the think steel instead of aluminum.
Jerry Harper
Oct 24th, 2013
Just bought a new deluxe 5 stone kit from Amazon. The multi-angle clamp snapped into where you tighten the screw. The metal is very brittle.
Oct 24th, 2013
The clamp needs to be re-visited!! It isn't made well at all!! Mine broke at the
lip where the smaller blades are placed. When I use larger pocket knife blades and slide the blade back into the clamp it pops out every time. It just breaks way to easy... Cheap pot metal doesn't work on everything guys! It should be replaced with the better made clamp used in there "How to sharpen" video. I've never seen one that looked like that I want one of those.
Oct 24th, 2013
Great sharpening system, but poor design on the clamp. Tge clamp broke at the lop for placing small poket knives.
I am very dissapointed that a system that works so well has such a critical design flaw in the clamp. Cheap aluminum is no sub for good quality US steel
Oct 24th, 2013
This product is made of inferior material. I compared my lansky clamp that I bought approximately 15 years ago and it's made of better quality can tell the difference. Because of the inferior material, I refuse to buy a new lansky sharpening kit.

Lansky products used to be of high quality...they should fire the individual who's responsible for low quality products. I would rather pay more dollars for quality products then spend on inferior products that will not last more than a year.
Oct 24th, 2013
Hi folks, I've been reading the comments on this page and I wanted to thank you all for your feedback. We are actively researching and testing new product designs and every bit of consumer input is considered during our production process. Please be patient and check back to our website from time to time for the latest news on new products and events. Again, thank you for your input, it is always be appreciated and considered.
Dec 22nd, 2013
I just purchased the deluxe kit after seeing the kit my friend has. The clamp that was included doesn't have the lip for smaller blades as the instructions show. Trying to clamp my knifes in is very difficult and I have to tighten the screw to the point of almost breaking the clamp.
Dec 30th, 2013
This is the worst part of the kit. This investment cast POS isn't worth the powered aluminum it's made with.

I've bought my last Lansky kit until they replace this holder with the extruded and machined holder they used to use.
Dec 30th, 2013
This is the worst part of the kit. This investment cast POS isn't worth the powd+ered aluminum it's made with.

I've bought my last Lansky kit until they replace this holder with the extruded and machined holder they used to use.
Chris P
Jan 1st, 2014
My dad a lansky kit many years ago(20 or so)unfortunately it was destroyed in a fire. It had a much better clamp than the kit I purchased just a couple years ago. The grove for smaller blades is well nonexistent to say the least, the metal that it is made with is very cheap. My dads was steel I believe. I have to use a flat head to tighten the clamp so the knife doesn't pop out while sharping it.

Not Impressed
Robert Montgomery
Feb 4th, 2014
I've had my two kits both diamond and ceramic deluxe for close to twenty years with no problems . I've sharpen knives of all kinds with no problems . Chef's , pocket and military knives . What I would like to see from Lansky is a holder I can use japanese cooking knives .A holder with smaller angles . Maybe 20 , 17 , 14 and 12 degrees . Your consideration would be greatly appreciated .
Feb 10th, 2014
I was going to buy one of these for my girlfriend's kitchen. After reading the reviews, I have changed my mind. The ORIGINAL multi-angle sharpening system is still available, and I intend to buy their products from now on. If all of you disappointed customers want a REAL sharpener, try the LoRay. The hones made by LoRay are superior, too. Lansky, you blew it. I saw this coming several years ago when you went to the cheap plastic cap on the Thumbscrew, which used to be all metal. Planned Obsolescence may be the way to go for Global Marketing, but it doesn't fly in my world. Thanks for listening to my rant.
Mar 24th, 2014
I would have to agree with the others here the clamp needs to be made with a better metal like steel the one that comes with the kit broke on mine also thanks for a great kit outside of that one thing
Mr. W. Jones
May 26th, 2014
I would have to agree with many of the comments above, the clamp really lets the system down. I have invested heavily in the Lansky system and have nearly every stone, I have got very good consistent results. However my clamp broke and the new one I purchased does not have the little groove/slot at the end to hold smaller knives. I cannot get knives tight and level in this clamp, thus my whole system is useless. It is annoying when I have invested so much money in the stones that the system does not now work because of a cheap, poorly designed clamp. Lots of people above have said this so why are Lansky not listening? I have emailed them but did not even get an acknowledgement.
Aug 11th, 2014
They've come out with a new system for the clamp. Where there used to be a small notch for small blades is now a big chunk cut out of the clamp with a rubber pad that clamps to the blade. Problem is the rubber pad is poorly glued to the clamp and will slip right off when you tighten the thing. It's a TERRIBLE design. Especially so because if you remove the rubber pads, the gap is too big to clamp down on any kitchen knife I've tried, let alone a small blade.
Aug 17th, 2014
Simple and great system, quite portable.
I understand thumb screw maybe an improvement, but i will need a normal screw to fit flush in the system for the first screw as 17° is unreachable with the thumb screw. 20° works great but i think 17 is too little and 25 too much, I think it would be great to have a slightly larger unit to have say 19 and 21 or 18.5 and 21.5 as i feel that for regular D2 and 154CM 18 to 19° is for fine cutting, and 21 to 22° is for more abuse harder work.
The clamping being not effective is the only one big problem of the device, almost impossible to work with small knives, you need to find a way to improve clamping power on a small surface.
I would purchase immediately stones with build in ruler, the rulers always goes loose with the stones, and ruler can bend too easy.
Also holes in the clamp can be smaller, and rounded inside to enable more accurate work.
The rubber pads will slip at the first use. I remove them replacing by electrical tape for thick knives, but i have to keep them for thinner knives... yes, need improvement.
Please keep me posted for updates!
Sep 7th, 2014
Another display of how great American companies cheap out and use low quality material in their products. Very obvious that this is an intentional "design flaw." How else are they going to rake in money from consumers. The metal is very brittle, obviously would break after being stressed againest a superior high quality steel. Last time i will buy any product associated with lansky. $120 right out the window. Thank you for wasting my time and by the way i will definitly recomend this company to others, recomend that they stay far away.
Sep 12th, 2014
I have the "new" version of the Lansky clamp for the Lansky Sharpening system and it is useless for small blades. I would like to get one like in the You tube video. I find sites that have the picture, but I get the cast clamp, which is better than the new model. My cast version does not have a slot for small blades and I don't see why it would be necessary. Others complain the clamp won't hold a large blade, and unless they have some really thick blades, I don't see the problem. Where can I get one like the one in the video?
JP Turner
Jan 4th, 2015
I have been using older lansky systems and finally got my own a few weeks ago. The clamp is different in that it has the black rubber at the end of the jaws and this piece came loose while sharpening my third blade. I now can't hold a knife in place to sharpen it. very disappointing and needs to be fixed. I will be contacting about getting a replacement
Jan 10th, 2015
Well, I was going to order a new clamp but I guess I will wait until a better design is out. I have a clamp from many years ago and it holds the blade very well with it moving around. The newer one which is actually fairly old looks exactly as the older one does but the notch in the front is not machined as well and it will not hold a blade without it moving around. I may redesign it and put in a piece of rubber while the engineers are trying to design this obviously complicated piece. You know what would help is if the engineers would actually use it or have it tested by some lay person before putting in on the market.
Feb 5th, 2015
What a big disappointment! I brought the Deluxe Diamond kit and the multi angle clamp is useless.

It can be used on manicure scissors. I can use the 17" angle on my filleting knife as it hits either the screw or the clamp bit that holds it.
I'm very upset in the quality of the whole thing and if I knew it was this poorly designed would have brought something else. I was left using the hones freehand.

Please find a better design as if I could get a refund I would!!!!
Feb 6th, 2015
I bought my 1st lansky based on friends that have had theirs for a while -- and and like others, I am really disappointed with this clamp. The rubber in the clamp area doesn't hold smaller blades well and causes them to tilt with any application of force on the hone (not a controlled angle at all!). And, I can't sharpen smaller blades with 20 or 17 degrees because the clamp is too thick and all I sharpen is the bottom of the clamp -- I doesn't get the blade at all. I've even gone after the clamp with the coarse hone to thin it out a little at the bottom! And, I have the requisite 1/2" of blade beyond the clamp. AND, I'll bet that when they DO redesign it, we'll have to pay for it!
Feb 7th, 2015


May 17th, 2015
The kit I purchased came with a lattice-frame clamp and broke after about five sharpenings. It could be argued that I over-tightened it, but, a fairly high amount of torque is required on the screw to keep the blade from moving in the clamp. I'm ordering a replacement that appears to be solid material. I'll critique it once received and used. I'm crossing my fingers.
Jul 14th, 2015
Well guys...I have been using your system for years (at least 20 yrs (U.S.Army)) and well at times I've had to make modifications some times to make the clamp work especially for bigger 1/4inch thick knives! This new clamp you have...well to be frank: it sucks. I'm still using the old style clamp (1/8" tip groove) from my old two sets ago. The idea of the whole diamond kit and system can't be beat. But you guys absolutely have to revise the clamp. Have 3 different styles...example: 1st style= heavy duty clamp for heavy duty 1/4"thick field/military/field knives. 2nd style for thinner blades pocket/folders like your older 1/8" tip grooved clamps but add 2 thin half inch shims to keep from tilting to one side of blade while sharpening. I emphasize 3rd style because this option is for the guys who want to baby their precious blades but have clamp made with a leather or PERMANENT RUBBER (not one that drifts from cheap stick glue put on at factory!) and drifts on the first blade sharpening....guys! That was a poor choice for a clamp!
Okay with that said...heavy duty reinforced steel style clamp you don't want a tip groove style clamp need to be larger and stronger! You also need option to open clamp up to meet the contour of blade type (full flat grind!) (I've gotten used to hitting hardware store and buying 3 sets of screw lengths) in order to use the whole length of the clamp tip to vise onto the blade because one slip right or left and the angle changes! So the clamp needs to be strong! (I've also gotten used to re-squaring the clamps from tightening the down firn. For thin to pocket to kitchen knives go back to old style 1/8" grooved tip clamp (all aluminum). Now again for the people who don't want to buy thin prices of leather to put under the clamps....who want to protect the look of their "Field" knives...LOL...keep the same style but reinforce the cutaway portion for lower screw and provide three different sets of screws to allow for opening of the clamp for thicker knives. I hope this helps.....oh one more thing....make the lansky stones and rods one piece!(flush with stone)(too many variables and moving parts that weaken or too noisy to carry into field) make storage kit longer and thinner just right to fit into the side of a rucksack.
Unhappy Customer
Aug 13th, 2015
I DO NOT recommend buying this clamp.

I've used Lansky Sharpeners for years and loved them. But this new clamp is a total disappointment. I am returning it immediately.

The part that blows me away is that they have known this clamp is total garbage for years! The reviews prove that. They even responded once saying "oh we will fix it". Well, they lied. The new one is 10x worse than the one before it. And the one before it was 2x as worse as its predecessor.

If this is the way Lansky wants to do business, I'm going elsewhere and recommend everyone else does to.
Ryan Jackson
Oct 6th, 2015
The rubber pads have barely worked. They are constantly slipping out when attempting to sharpen knives in multiple sizes and pressure. Don't by any of their sharpening kits until this is fixed.
Oct 24th, 2015

When are you going to make a better clamp??? We are waiting.

Your systems are the best sharpening systems for under $150 made...but make a clamp that holds consistently. A knife that torques with sharpening pressure may as well be sharpened freehand.

Catch up guys.

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Loosen the front red thumbscrew screw 2-3 turns. Tighten the back red thumb screw until it is approximately one full turn from being fully tightened. Loosen the front red thumbscrew of the knife clamp again to accommodate thickness of blade. Attach the clamp to the spine of the knife blade at the center of the blade. Approximately ½ inch of the blade should extend from the end of the clamp. Tighten the front screw again to hold the knife securely. Lock the blade in place by hand tightening the back red thumb screw on the clamp.