Medium Serrated Hone



Medium Serrated Sharpening Hone

Key Features:

- Medium Grit (600) Ceramic Hone 

- Brass Threaded Insert for Stainless Steel Thumb Screw

- Ergonomic Plastic Housing

- Made in the USA!

The ultimate serrations accessory for your Lansky Sharpening System. This 600 grit Ceramic Serrated  Hone allows you repair and sharpen damaged serrations.  

*This product is included in the Professional and Universal Sharpening Kits.


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Feb 21st, 2014
I love the Lansky sharpening system and have used one for many years on knives. I decided to try a medium and fine stone for sharpening a few serrated blades in my kitchen and toolbox. These stones take some trial and error to understand and use. I find a slow stroke is needed to control the sharpening stone surface so it does not fly out of a serration. You will understand what I mean if you try one of these sharpening stones. You get a sharp edge, but it does take some time to do it right.
Feb 21st, 2014
This is easy to use but keep in mind that if you have some really small fine serrated knives this may not go into the supper small serrations... Worked well on my Gerber Gator knife but remember to take your time when using this or you will not get a good edge... I'm not saying that it's hard to use but that you want to sharpen each serration... I recommend this because its a good tool for the job but you will need the main set to get the needed clamp and rod... When used safely and correctly this works great!

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Sharpening a serrated blade is just as easy as sharpening a conventional blade.

For smaller serrations, a traditional sharpening stroke is ideal: the stone should move into the blade, toward the guide hole in the clamp.

For larger serrations, add a rolling motion to the traditional sharpening stroke: as you push forward into the blade, start at one side of the serration and roll along the whole groove.

Repeating the appropriate motion several times for each serration will help provide a consistent cutting edge.

After sharpening, you may notice that small steel particles accumulate on the reverse side of your blade. To remove these:

  • Flip the blade over
  • Gently run the flat side of the hone up and down the length of the blade several times