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The Puck / Tool Sharpener

This pocket-size Lansky Dual Grit, Multi-Purpose Sharpener is ideal for sharpening lawnmower blades, machetes, hatchets, axe blades, shovels and spades plus a variety of other cutting and chopping tools. The Puck’s easy-to-grip contoured shape, provides for safe, simple tool sharpening. Dual-Grit design provides a coarse side for quick cutting and shaping, and a medium side for final sharpening and finishing of your edge.

Coarse Grit: 120
Medium Grit: 280

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Feb 21st, 2014
If your Puck is "gunked up" I suggest using Nathan's Honing Oil to help float away the metal fillings and then rub it clean with a cloth. You also could take some Dawn dish soap, a nylon brush and some water and scrub it.
Tony Fleming
Feb 21st, 2014
I have tried many tools and devices for edging up my blades. Lansky's Puck is far and away my favorite. You must work with it and develop skills but it is worth every minute you put in it.
Robert Anthenat
Feb 21st, 2014
I bought one of these several years ago but later lost it. It might still be somewhere in the shed at my church--I just need to do some digging. The idea is that you have it in your pocket while you're working and when your hoe starts to get dull, you pull it out and give the edge a couple quick whacks, put it back in your pocket and keep on going. To really sharpen a hoe or shovel that is very banged up, you would need to secure it to the bench, use a file to get the big nicks and then some kind of hone--the puck would work--to get a good edge. I really liked that thing but I haven't really needed it lately. When the weather cools off I'm going to try and find it again.
Feb 21st, 2014
The coarse side of mine is all gunked up. I tried using a toothbrush, but it's still not performing well. Any ideas?

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Puck sharpener in use

Puck Instructions

Step 1 - Firmly grip the tool to be sharpened or lock in vise to prevent slipping. If desired, apply a few drops of Lansky’s Nathan’s Natural Honing Oil to the grit on the side of The Puck® which will be used to sharpen.

Step 2 - Grasp The Puck® firmly with thumb and fingers, supporting it by the palm of the strong hand. Move The Puck® in a circular motion, overlapping the circles as you move along the entire cutting edge to be sharpened. For the best results maintain a consistent angle while sharpening.

Step 3 - Work one whole side of the tool’s edge before repeating the sharpening procedure on the other edge.


1. For badly worn, nicked or very dull edges, use the coarse grit side of The Puck® first. To apply a finer edge, repeat the process with the medium grit side of The Puck®

2. If tools to be sharpened merely need a touch-up or dressed edge, skip the step with the coarse grit and use only the medium grit side.

After extended use, metal shavings will build up on the Puck and be visible as dark grey masses that will start to make the Puck feel "smoother".  To remove the metal build-up, apply a few drops of honing oil on to the affected area and gently spread with your finger. After about a minute, the oil will have lifted the metal shavings to the surface and they can be wiped off with a lint-free cloth. For larger amounts of build-up, multiple applications of oil and wiping may be necessary.

Be Smart, Be Safe and Stay an Edge Above the Rest!

CAUTION: Knife sharpening is an inherently dangerous activity. Used properly this sharpener cannot hurt you but a carelessly handled blade or pointed object can.

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