Diamond/Carbide Tactical Sharpening Rod



Diamond/Carbide Tactical Sharpening Rod

The Lansky Tactical Sharpening Rod answers the call for a military-tough knife sharpening tool that combines the speed of Lansky's proven tungsten carbide sharpeners with the compact convenience of our retractable diamond rod. Keep it with you at all times for fast blade maintenance as the need arises.

The tungsten carbide is used for quickly setting an edge and restoring a severely damaged or dull blade.  The diamond rod will then refine the edge.  For regular maintenance, the diamond rod alone is sufficient.  

Sharpening angles are pre-set at 22.5º to achieve a 45º inclusive angle.

Diamond- 600 grit



Feb 21st, 2014
Lansky Retractible diamond rod is fantastic! I will never use another sharpener for Bushcraft and hunting knives or ax! Thanks for a great product!
Feb 21st, 2014
I purchased The Lansky Tactical Sharpener with 'The Puck' within the last month. These two items combined make a great tool sharpening system. Use the Tactical Sharpener to touch up your knives & The Puck for your axes. If you practice bushcraft or primitive skills, these two items should be in your bag & will keep your tools in top working order. The quality & ease of use of the sharpener is well worth the money
Jul 25th, 2015
I bought the tatical pack today that included the retractable diamond sharpening rod and the Envader Knife with the partially serrated blade at Smokey Mountain content knife Works in Tennessee. It was on sale for 9.99! I am not to fond of a serrated blade but I am extremely happy with my purchase. The knife seems ok for the money but the sharpener is worth its weight in gold! Easy, reliable, and works great! I would be willing to pay more than I did just for the sharpener! Great for all my hunting knives and is a must have in my EDC bag.Great job with this sharpener LANSKY!

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Tactical Sharpening Rod Instructions

Step 1- Draw knife blade through Tungsten Carbide slot 3 – 4 times (fig A) to sharpen the blade

Step 2 -  Open the tactical rod by gripping the casing firmly and twisting the cylinder at the end (opposite of the tungsten carbide) counter clockwise.

Step 3 – Let the tactical rod come all the way out of the casing and then twist the cylinder at the end clockwise to lock rod in place.

Step 4 - Place the end of the sharpener on a stable surface at an angle and draw the knife edge down the rod as if you were attempting to slice a thin layer off the rod –repeat this motion 3 – 4 times using light to moderate pressure. Maintain a consistent angle for the best results.

Step 5 - Repeat Step 4 on the other side of the blade.

Note: Do not apply oil to Lansky Diamond surface: clean diamond honeswith water and wipe shavings away with a lint-free rag. Diamond hones should be completely dry before next use.

Be Smart, Be Safe and Stay an Edge Above the Rest!

CAUTION: Knife sharpening is an inherently dangerous activity. Used properly this sharpener cannot hurt you but a carelessly handled blade or pointed object can.