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Blademedic® / Pocket Sharpener

The Blademedic® Knife Sharpener is the first responder for field repairs on all types of knife blades. It’s like having an entire knife sharpening system right in your pocket - able to tackle regular or serrated blades, gut hooks, hunting, fishing, - just about any knife using one or all of the following elements:

Tungsten Carbide
Just three or four strokes will restore your blade.

Ceramic Sharpening Rods
Polish to a finished edge in three or four strokes.

Serrated Knife Sharpener
Designed to get inside even the smallest serrations.

Diamond Tapered Rod
For fast reconditioning and maintenance.

Sharpening angles are pre-set at 22.5º to achieve a 45º inclusive angle.

Diamond- 600 grit
Ceramic- 1000 grit

pocket knife sharpener - blademedic

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Feb 21st, 2014
Hey Jasson, the Blademedic's carbide and ceramic pull through elements are set to 22.5 degrees, or a combined 45 degrees. Hope that helps!
Dave Texas
Feb 21st, 2014
I bought my first Blademedic and the houston NRA convvention.I sure messed up by not buying 2 of them. The Blademedic put a razor edge on my favorite knife. I've tried other sharpeners but the Blademedic is by far superior to anything else on the market. Thank you Lansky..
Feb 21st, 2014
Good product, has everything that I need. I am stationed in Afghanistan and I just loop it into my uniform and sharpen my knife whenever i need to. very handy. good design but the diamond edger pops out everyonce in a while, thats why only 4 stars otherwise very good. I will recomend it to others who need an all in one knife sharpener.
Feb 21st, 2014
Can anyone tell me at wat angle the ceramic and carbide sharpens a knife at? I have knives sharpened for hunting on a combined angle of 40 degrees and dnt want to destroy this edge jst for a quick sharpen in the field. If I know this angle I can preset the angle for my hunting knives to match that of the sharpener.
Reno Neva
Feb 21st, 2014
This blademedic is the best sharpener by far!!!! I have several knife sharpeners and they don't hold a candle to this one. I'm a taxidermist and my whole family, both immediate and extended are very avid outdoors people to say the least. To say we own a lot of knives would be a understatement. This sharpener is absolutely amazing, you can take a dull knife and within 10 swipes you can shave with it and the ability to do surrated edges is wonderful. So if your looking for a sharpener that does it all this is it, it even takes on those hard steel blades such as Buck knives and makes them your favorite ones again!! We own several of these blademedics and are never at home or in the field without one.
Feb 21st, 2014
We absolutely ship to the Philippines! Shipping cost for that would depend on the price. You can assume for a BladeMedic, it shouldn't be more than $20 U.S. Prices for shipping are constantly fluctuating, so I apologize if this isn't accurate in the future. Stay Sharp!

-Alex @ Lansky
Feb 21st, 2014
I need to get replacement carbide and ceramic rods for my medic. do you sell them or do I need to buy a entirely new blademedic?
Feb 21st, 2014
Can you deliver thru UPS 2 pcs of this blademedic sharpener to the Philippines.
I'd like to order.

How much for this including shipping cost and tax? pls provide details.

thanks and more power.
Feb 21st, 2014
I just bought this sharpener blade medic to sharp my Ferrier knives but I don't know how to sharp the round edges on pairing hook knives am trying the diamond tapered rod but seems like I take the sharp off (dull) my knives now.
do u have a video on how to sharp ferries knives? (horses hoof knives)any help out there?
Feb 21st, 2014
Hey Mario, we've sent you an e-mail response. For anyone else wondering, crook knives are some of the hardest things to sharpen. It can be done, but a lot of experience and skill will go a long way.

-Alex @ Lansky
Apr 19th, 2017
I have had my blademedic for a couple of years now. when ever I notice that my blade isn't gliding the way I want it to I just pass it through the blademedic a few times and it is good to go again. people around me now bring their blades to me to get them back to new, even when there are serious nicks in the blade. THIS SHARPENER/HONER IS THE BEST ONE I HAVE EVER TRIED.
Aug 1st, 2017
If anyone finds, knows of, invents... a better more efficient first aid surgeon for my blades than this... please let me know how to get it - because before I see it and try it, I won't believe it!
When I bring it to work I have to check my pocket going home - just to make sure it is still there! :-) My coworkers are impressed with it as well!
Jan 13th, 2018
Thank you Lansky. The Blademedic is perfect. I have tried to use a diamond stone and wet stone and you name it and I have tried to use it but just could never get a decent edge. Of course my knife sharpening skills were rather poor but not any more !

The Blademedic works beautifully. Are the small ceramic needles replaceable and if so how would I go about aquiring a pair ?

Again, wonderful sharpening tool. The best I have ever enjoyed using and I love it.



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BladeMedicTM Knife Sharpener

User Guide 

The BladeMedicTM Knife Sharpener is the first responder for field repairs on all types of knife blades. It’s like having an entire sharpening kit right in your pocket.


1. Carbide

To set an edge for an extremely dull blade, or to sharpen the blade in seconds if the need arises. Just three or four strokes using moderate pressure will restore your blade. Note: Tungsten Carbide is extremely aggressive, and should only be used for super quick sharpening as the need arises. For general edge maintenance, use the Serrated Ceramic element (3), or the Diamond Tapered Rod (4).


2. Ceramic Sharpening Rods.

Polish and finish an edge in three or four strokes. Always use the Ceramic Rods as the finishing step to using the Carbide element. The Fine Ceramic Rods can be used on their own to provide a “touch-up” sharpening to relatively sharp blades. The Fine Ceramic Rods are not very aggressive and can be used on your blade often.


3. Serrated Knife Sharpener

Designed to get inside small and large serrations. Always move the blade away from your hand. For Larger serrations, use a sweeping motion with the sharpener to cover the entire surface of the serration.


The Medium Grit Ceramic element can also be used on it’s own in a benchstone type fashion, or like a butcher’s steel (See 3a above). The Medium Ceramic element is harder than steel, will never wear out, and should be used often as the primary sharpening element of your BladeMedicTM. Eventually metal shavings will accumulate as dark streaks on the ceramic and will slow effectiveness. Clean with a Lansky EraserBlockTM.


4. Diamond Tapered Rod

For very fast reconditioning and maintenance of both straight and serrated blades. Excellent for gut hooks. The Tapered shape of the Fine Diamond Rod allows for greater versatility enabling the user to quickly sharpen small and large serrations, or to use like a butcher’s steel on straight blades. It is recommended that the Diamond Rod be used sparingly. Its recommended use is for when sharpening speed is crucial, or for hard to sharpen items such as gut hooks. (The use of lubrication/honing oil is not recommended with our diamond sharpening products.)

Be Smart, Be Safe and Stay an Edge Above the Rest!

CAUTION: Knife sharpening is an inherently dangerous activity. Used properly this sharpener cannot hurt you but a carelessly handled blade or pointed object can.

Designed To Sharpen: