Lansky Employees Share Their Favorite Sharpeners

January 5, 2018

Have you ever wondered which sharpener Lansky employees generally prefer? We did, so we took a poll. We asked Lansky employees across several departments to tell us which Lansky sharpener was their favorite and why. We then added the information to a nifty little graph-maker, and this is what we found.

Our Favorite Sharpeners-2.png

While the Controlled-Angle System remains a Lansky employee favorite, the Master’s Edge got a lot of love, as did the QuadSharp.

The Blademedic and 4-rod Turn Box also made the list of favorites. Here are some of the comments we received:

I’m an old school guy.  I use the 4 Rod Diamond Turn Box to keep a sharp edge on my EDC. – Ray

I love having the Master’s Edge right on my counter (when my son isn’t borrowing it!) that way I know for a fact my kitchen carving knives are always nice and sharp. The turkey was perfectly carved into fancy even slices – no “hack job” this year! - Cheryl


I am very passionate about Lansky’s sharpeners in general; however, I absolutely LOVE my QUADSHARP.  I like quick and easy… and the QUADSHARP has all of the angles I need to sharpen any knife I have, quick and easy ;)  - Lisa

I’m a person who likes options so the controlled-angle system is perfect for me. It gives me a variety of hones to choose from, along with a variety of angles to get all my knives razor sharp. – D.R

My favorite sharpener is the Blademedic because of how easy and fast it is to use when needed.  – Tina

Many thanks to everyone at Lansky who participated in this survey.


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