How to use the Lansky Multi-Sharpener

June 6, 2018



The Lansky Multi-Sharpener makes sharpening regular and serrated blades easy.  Use the flat surfaces to sharpen regular blades, the edges for serrations, and the groove for fish hooks and other pointed objects.

Sharpening Serrations:

  • Hold the sharpener firmly by the Guide Guard on one end.
  • Hold the knife with your other hand (with the edge facing away from you) and bring the corner of the sharpener to the serration.
  • Gently push, while using a rolling motion to sweep the sharpener’s corner from one side of the serration or scallop to the other. (A single stroke will remove any burrs on the reverse side of your blade).

Sharpening Regular Blades:

  • Place your thumb on one Guide Guard and the tip of your second or third finger of the same hand on the other guide guard.
  • Place the blade’s edge against the flat side of the sharpener.  While maintaining a consistent angle, and with even pressure, gently push the entire edge across the sharpener in a single stroke, much like attempting to slice a thin layer off the side.
  • Do this three to five times, and then repeat on the reverse side of the blade.
  • Continue this process until the blade is sharp.

Cleaning the Multi-Sharpener:

When the alumina ceramic sharpening rod becomes dark with metal particles from the sharpening process, use the Lansky® EraserBlock® or a little household cleanser. The alumina ceramic sharpening rod will never wear out.


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