October 5, 2017

How to Keep Your Diamond Hones in Great Shape

Keeping your diamond hones in great shape is easier than you might think. Because the diamond hones in the Lansky System are made up of a metal plate coated with mono-crystalline diamond, they will naturally wear over time with use. How soon that wear may happen though depends on how often the hone is being used, the hardness of the steel being sharpened, the amount of pressure used during the sharpening process, and the way your hones are being care for.  Follow the tips below to help maximize the longevity of your diamond hones.

  • Before sharpening, make sure the blade you are about to work on is clean. This will prevent excess debris from clogging the hone.

  • Diamond is an aggressive material so there is no need to apply extra pressure during the sharpening process. Just the weight of your hand is enough.

  • While a bottle of Nathan’s Honing Oil does come standard in all Lansky Kits, DO NOT use it (or any other honing oil) on your diamond hones. Honing oil may clog the pores of your diamond hones, resulting in a smooth surface. Save the bonus bottle of honing oil for your alumina-oxide hones.

  • Clean your diamond hones with water and wipe away the shavings with a dry rag.

  • After several sharpenings, clean your hones with a little bit of dish soap and a toothbrush.

  • Always make sure your diamond hones are completely dry before storing them back in the case. 

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