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 Josh Leach Those of us that get primal gratification from taking our protein off the wild landscapes of the earth value every tasty morsel provided to us. The old adage “Want not, Waste not” means more to those that process their own harvest becau…
Matt Trujillo My job often takes me to some beautiful places in the Pacific Northwest, from Southern Oregon to small towns in Northern Idaho. As a result, I spend a lot of time on the road… but I never leave home without my Lansky P.R.E.P (Preparedness…
Ben Babbit - We've been catching a lot of Bluefin tuna this summer in Southern California and I've found that making poke bowls is my family’s favorite way to eat the Bluefin. There are several recipes that are great but one thing that is super importa…
Jeremy Young Lake of the Woods, Canada   Out at a fishing camp in Northern MN last weekend my son’s machete started to get dull from him doing what 12 year old boys do with machetes. I had the Lansky Blademedic with me and decided to try it out on t…
  The Lansky Multi-Sharpener makes sharpening regular and serrated blades easy.  Use the flat surfaces to sharpen regular blades, the edges for serrations, and the groove for fish hooks and other pointed objects. Sharpening Serrations: Hold the sh…