October 2, 2014

7 Tips for a Great Autumn Hike

Autumn is one of the best times to hike. Hikers who head out during this season can look forward to low humidity, fewer bugs, no crowds, and some amazing fall scenery. The autumn season, however, also brings with it some changes in how we prepare for and enjoy our hikes.

Fall Hiking Tips:

  1. Check the weather forecast. Autumn is a tricky season with a wide range of weather possibilities. Hikers could find themselves enjoying an Indian summer hike, or an early winter one. Knowing what kind of weather you’ll be dealing with ahead of time will help you plan what to bring on your hike and how to dress.
  2. Wear layers. You will most likely be dealing with chilly mornings that later turn into warmer afternoons. Wearing layers will help you stay warm during the chilly hours. You can then shed layers as temperatures rise. 
  3. Watch the clock. Autumn days are beautiful, but they’re also short. In order to make sure you reach your destination before dark, head out early and keep an eye on the time.
  4. Bring extra batteries. Batteries drain faster in cold weather so make sure you have extras to keep flashlights and other battery-operated items working properly.
  5. Stay hydrated. It’s important to drink water, even on cool autumn days.
  6. Eat high-fat foods (chocolate, nuts, avocados, cheese). These foods metabolize slowly, prolonging the body-warming effect that comes from digestion.
  7. Choose footwear that keeps your feet dry and well-insulated.

Autumn is a beautiful time of year to hike. Stay safe, stay smart, and enjoy the amazing autumn season!




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