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7 Popular Knife Handle Materials

Almost every type of material you can think of has been used to make knife handles. Materials are often chosen for their durability, comfort, appearance and style.

Folding Knife Lock Types We Love

When purchasing a folding knife, one of the things you’ll want to consider is lock type. Locking mechanisms are important because they prevent the knife from folding closed on your hand.

3 Basic Things about Kitchen Knives Everyone Should Know

Everyone knows how to use a kitchen knife, right? Yes and no. Most people use kitchen knives daily, but not all of them use and care for those knives properly. Here are three simple things about kitchen knives everyone should know.

Teaching Your Kids about Knife Safety

As a parent, you’ve probably spent a lot of time keeping your child away from knives. At some point though, he or she will reach an age when it’s time to start teaching them how to use knives safely. If you’ve decided your child has now reached that age, …

16 More Knife Superstitions (Knife Superstitions & Folklore Part 2)

Last year we wrote a short post on Knife Superstitions & Folklore. It turned out to be an interesting topic that people enjoyed talking about, so we went digging for more. Here are 16 knife superstitions to add to your knowledge bank.

How to Change the Pocket Clip on the Lansky World Legal

Changing the pocket clip on the World Legal (or any of the Lansky/Willumsen knives) is quite easy. Start by unscrewing the clip from its current position.