When To Use Honing Oil With Your Lansky Sharpening System

May 1, 2015

honing oil.JPGNathan’s Honing Oil is a specially formulated lubricant for use with Lansky Sharpeners and Natural Arkansas Bench stones. The oil comes included with all Lansky controlled-angle sharpening kits.

How to Use the Oil

Arkansas hones:

When using Arkansas hones, apply a few drops of the honing oil to the surface of the stone before sharpening. Make sure to keep Arkansas stones oiled as you work.

Standard hones (Alumina Oxide):

Standard hones do not require oiling, however you will notice as you sharpen that the hone will begin to move across the blade more smoothly. This indicates that the pores of the stone may be clogging with filings, which reduces the effectiveness of the stone. Clean the hone by putting a few drops of oil on it. The oil will lift the metal shavings off the stone’s surface, where they can easily be wiped away with a rag. 

Diamond hones: 

Do not apply oil to Lansky Diamond hones. Clean diamond hones with water instead, and wipe the shavings away with a rag. Diamond hones should be completely dry before next usage.

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Feb 28th, 2016
Does this have to be done after every sharpen?
Feb 29th, 2016
Hi Brandon - when it comes to using the oil to clean the standard alumina oxide hones, you probably won't need to do it after every sharpening session. Just when you notice the hone is starting to move a little too smoothly across the blade. This pores of the hone may be clogging with filings at that point, and the oil will lift the metal shavings away.

Thanks for reaching out and stay sharp!
Alexander Svengren
Mar 27th, 2016
The standard hones, are they the ceramic ones? I bought a ceramic kit and with it came a small bottle of honing oil, do I use it to clean the stones or are these the Arkansas storms?
I also have a sapphire stone, do I use the oil to clean this as well?

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