Preparedness 101

April 2, 2013

With the release of the Lansky T.A.S.K. I thought that I would share some of my reasons for keeping a couple of well stocked Bug Out Bags in my house and car. Even though the T.A.S.K. has Apocalypse right in the title, we wanted to make a bag that fulfills multiple purposes and can actually help you in a variety of emergency situations. It’s been my experience that most people are fairly optimistic when it comes to emergency situations. There is a big belief that “This can/won’t happen to me” or “Don’t worry, that’s why we have emergency response programs!” but the fact of the matter is that only you are responsible for your personal safety. Period.

There are plenty of recent examples of why an emergency preparedness kit is a good idea to carry in your vehicle or have at home: Hurricane Katrina, Super Storm Sandy, Fukushima Daiichi Disaster and even run of the mill snowstorms, floods and tornadoes. Being prepared with basic tools and knowledge can mean a world of difference in a survival or emergency situation. Just take a look at the website if you have any doubts about the prevalence of natural disasters in this day and age. I’m not even going to touch on current worldwide political unrest and social upheaval but if you stay up to date on current events (even if you filter your media sources) you can understand why a little caution and preparedness is a good plan. At Lansky, we do recognize that an “Apocalypse” is highly unlikely but the old adage; “Prepare for the worst and hope for best” definitely has some value when thinking about putting together a bug out bag.

The T.A.S.K. is a great place to start when starting to prepare, but it’s not a complete means of prolonged survival. It is clearly indicated in the T.A.S.K. survival guide that the kit should be supplemented with personal supplies and is not a magical means of survival. The best survival tool that a person can carry on them is a clear head and a steady set of nerves. Apart from that I personally have a couple of tiered systems. My first tier for survival is my Everyday Carry, also called my EDC. I have a two-part EDC. The bag that I carry with me is just a simple thirty-five liter backpack and mostly just carries my day-to-day things.

I carry the following in my pocket:


  • Pocket Knife (on rotation, depends on how I’m feeling)
  • Cell Phone (not shown)
  • Flashlight (Fenix E11)
  • Pen
  • Handkerchief
  • Mini Bic Lighter

I carry the following in my bag:


  • Work Stuff (Documents, Magazines, etc.)
  • Planner
  • Personal journal (not shown)
  • A book/ Kindle (usually)
  • ESEE Isula
  • Surefire ProTac  (2 extra batteries as well)
  • Mini Med Kit (bandages, alcohol pads, pain killer, nylon gloves, hook needle, fishing line, safety pins, 10”x10” tin foil folded up, butterfly closers, razor blade, tweezers, magnifying glass, etc.)
  • 35” of nylon cord
  • Blademedic™
  • 30” Duct tape
  • Compact Mylar Blanket
  • Lifestraw®
  • Extra Deodorant
  • Tide Pen

In my car I plan on carrying a T.A.S.K, but currently I keep a boy’s axe, an old 20 degree sleeping bag, old wool hunting jacket, old rain gear, gloves, a wool hat, some dehydrated food, denatured alcohol, alcohol stove, a steel canteen cup, a headlamp, an old Eureka tent and a full tool kit as well.

Obviously, I think about my own personal survival a lot, but I believe it’s something that everyone should spend time considering. Most of us live in a world perfectly constructed for us and made to be comfortable. If you stopped receiving some of the basics (access to pre-packaged food, electricity, clean water), how well do you think you’d fair? Having a basic emergency plan, as well as an emergency kit, is your first line of defense against the unknown. You could ignore the possibility of danger, or you could make sure you’re up to TASK.




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