I Replaced My Hiking Gear With The Lansky P.R.E.P

October 1, 2018

Seth Heinbaugh


Prior to receiving my Lansky P.R.E.P I would use a hodge-podge of products for my everyday hiking/outdoor kit. The usual mix of a flashlight, pocket knife and maybe some spare paracord and blood-clotting agent in case of an emergency. Nothing fancy. Since receiving my kit I have replaced all of my old stuff since I no longer have the need for the old stuff and because the P.R.E.P has it all. It is much more compact and lightweight making it possible to carry this product in my day pack, with much more room in my pack for more if necessary. This product has made my Rim-to-Rim Grand Canyon hikes much more worry-free and I will be using it for many more hikes in the future.


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Oct 1st, 2018
That looks awesome! A well thought out kit for ease of mind and simplicity!


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