How to Use the Master’s Edge Knife Sharpening System

September 6, 2016

master's edge knife sharpenerThe Master’s Edge Knife Sharpening System can be used for 1-stage and 2-stage sharpening, and can also be used to sharpen serrations. The round medium grey Ceramic Rods are for sharpening, and the round white Ceramic Rods are for polishing. The medium, multi angle, triangular rod is used for sharpening all types of serrations.

Set Up:

 Start by placing the Master’s Edge on a stable, flat surface at a comfortable working height.

1-Stage Sharpening

Step 1- Unfold the hand guard to expose the labeled guide holes. Choose the type of rods and the angle that you wish to sharpen with (17°, 20° or 25°) and place the sharpening rods in the appropriate guide holes.

Step 2- Hold the base firmly with your non-dominate hand. Make sure to keep your hand & thumb under the hand guard.

 Step 3- With the knife in your dominate hand, place the heel of the blade (closest to the handle) an inch or more below the top of one of the rods.

Step 4- Holding the blade straight up and down (perpendicular to the ground), draw the blade down the rod and towards you, moving towards the tip of the knife. The motion is similar to slicing bread.

Step 5- Repeat this action on the other rod for the other side of the edge.

Step 6- Continue alternating from rod to rod until you have achieved the desired sharpness. 10 to 20 strokes per side should be sufficient.

2-Stage Sharpening

 Step 1- Follow the set up and safety instructions found above. Begin by placing the rods in the 20º angle holes and follow the sharpening instructions as listed in the 1-stage sharpening above, but do not polish/finish the edge, use only 10-12 strokes on each rod. This is to thin the blade’s edge.

Step 2 – After thinning the blade’s edge, move the rods to the 25° angle holes for the 2nd stage sharpening to finish the edge. Simply follow the same technique used before. This will produce a durable and sharp compound bevel.

Serration Sharpening

The gray multi-angle, triangular rod included in the Master’s Edge is used for sharpening all types of serrations. There are two guide holes for the triangular rod. This allows sharpening either left facing or right facing serrations. Start by identifying the layout of your serrations (left or right), which radius of the triangular rods will best fit your serration and the proper angle to sharpen them at (most serrations are very shallow; 17° is a good place to start). Then insert the triangular rod into one the proper guide holes. Sharpen each serration individually by running each serration straight down the proper radius of the triangular rod, much like you’re slicing a thin layer of the surface of the rod. Finish the edge by running the rod flat against the back edge of the serrations to polish off the burr that has formed on the opposite side.

PRO TIP:  For best results, use light pressure when sharpening and avoid rolling the tip of your knife off the rod. This can damage the tip and leave it duller than the rest of the blade. Patience and a slow hand are recommended.

**Dark lines that appear on the rod are metal particles you removed from your blade. Rotate the rods when they get black to expose unused areas. When they get black all around, rods must be cleaned with a Lansky EraserBlock or scrubbed with kitchen cleanser. The rods will not wear with sharpening or scrubbing. The high alumina ceramic abrasive rods are tough & durable, but they are ceramic & can break if dropped on a hard surface**


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