How to Use a Lansky Diamond BenchStone

June 12, 2017

Medium 8 inch Diamond Benchstone

Freehand sharpening on a bench stone is a skill that can take a bit of time to learn but if you follow the instructions below, you’re sure to get it down. Before long you’ll probably even find yourself looking forward to your sharpening sessions.

The Lansky Diamond Bench Stones all come with the same basic instructions.

1.      Select the proper stone for your blade:

  •     Extra Course/Course: For a completely dull or damaged blade
  •     Medium: To maintain an already sharp blade
  •     Fine/Extra Fine: to hone/polish a finished blade

2.    Set the stone on a flat, stable surface.

Note: Do not use lubrication of any kind on the Lansky Diamond Bench Stones.

3.    Find the bevel angle on the blade you’ll be sharpening.  Bring the blade to the stone, matching your sharpening angle to the bevel angle.

4.    Using light pressure, push the edge of the blade across the stone in one motion, much like trying to slice a thin layer off the top of the stone. (Maintaining a consistent angle is essential for the best results).

5.    Repeat this process 3-4 times on one side of the blade, then switch to the other side and repeat.

6.    Repeat this process until your blade is sharp.

7.     Make sure to clean your stones with a damp rag after each use.  Store in a cool dry place.

Suggestions for best results:

  •     Use a series of stones: Course -> Medium -> Fine -> Extra Fine.
  •     Start with 3-4 strokes per side. Repeat this process 3-4 times.
  •     Go down to 2 strokes per side.  Repeat this process 2-3 times.
  •     Then go to 1 stroke per side.  Repeat this process 1-2 times.
  •     Move on to a finer stone.



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