How to Sharpen an Axe with the Lansky Puck

August 4, 2020



Today we're going to be sharpening an axe with our puck. Now we get a lot of questions on whether you need to use the honing oil while you're sharpening and really that just depends on personal preference. Today we're going to use it dry and just move on to using the oil to clean up when we're done.

So, first thing you want to do make sure you have a nice firm grip on the axe. You don't want it to go anywhere on you. And now the Puck has two sides, a coarse and the medium. The coarse is good for if you got little nicks, like this guy to remove, or if you have a particularly dull blade that you need to bring back to having an edge.

Again, when you're using the puck you want to make sure that you're holding it such that your fingers are not going past the sharpening surface. Make sure you have your thumb and your

forefingers on the side here, and using your palm to support.

So, today we're just going to remove this section right here. This little nick. And for that you just center your puck right on there, find your angle, and make nice little circles until you stop feeling the edges of the nick catch on the puck as you’re going. There we go. so that side’s good. When you flip it over move on to the other side being very careful in the process.

Do the same thing. And once you feel the edges of the metal not catching anymore. There we go. So now if you look there's still a nick there but there's no protruding metal along the edges. So what that means is that we can move on to doing the entire edge until that nick disappears with the edge, moving back to meet it.

I'm going to do a couple quick passes with the coarse. You start at one end using concentric circles, overlapping. Cover the entire tool. Make sure you get a nice consistent angle in this process or you're just undoing some of the work you did before. 

That should do for that side. As you can see the nick is almost gone but it's still there. So we flip it over to the other side do an equal amount of work there. With a curved axe like this you want to make sure you're maintaining the angle as you're going. We'll change it a little bit. Now the nick is just a teensy little bit left in it so we're gonna move on to our medium side. Start on one side, have overlapping circles. In this case because we're trying to polish off the edge

after having used the coarse side. we do smaller circles and we do more of them on each pass. Flip it over. Same thing. Nice and slow nice and smooth.

Alright, I think we should be good. Always be careful when you're doing this by the way. All right, feels pretty good. Let's go outside and test it.

All right we did pretty good.

And now that our axe is nice and sharp, we just want to make sure that our Puck is clean so we're going to take our oil, apply a few drops, and spread it around with a cloth or your fingers. Just make sure it's nice and spread out. Take a lint-free cloth wipe any excess oil off and that'll bring with it any metal shavings that are left behind from the sharpening process.

All right then we flip the puck over, same thing, put down a few drops, spread it around take your cloth and wipe it off.  And now this is ready to be stored so we can use it again and have it to be in good working order next time.


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