How to Clean Your Sharpening Hones & Rods

September 24, 2020

Anyone who has done enough manual knife sharpening knows that their sharpening tools need to be cared for as much as their knives. Over time, metal shavings begin to fill the pores of sharpening stones. They accumulate on ceramic crock stick rods. The more these metal shavings clog your sharpeners, the smoother your blade begins to slide across them. This in turn can create an ineffective sharpening session.

Fortunately, there are a few easy ways you can keep your sharpening hones and rods clean.

Cleaning Your Hones:

If you own a Deluxe 5-Stone Sharpening System, then you already know your kit comes with a bottle of Nathan’s Honing Oil. Although this oil should not be used on diamond hones, it is great for use on our Standard (Alumina Oxide) hones. 

nathan's oil-sm2.jpg

You can clean your hones by putting a few drops of the oil on them. After a moment, the oil will lift the metal shavings off of the stone’s surface. They can then be wiped away with a rag. 

This method can be used for cleaning the alumina oxide hones in any Lansky Sharpening kit. Nathan’s Honing Oil can also be used on Arkansas benchstones, our dual-grit Combo Stones, and the Lansky Puck

If you’ve run out of Nathan’s Honing Oil, you can also use a little bit of Dawn dish soap and warm water. This will also lift the shavings to the surface where they can easily be wiped away.

(Note: Do not apply oil to the Lansky Diamond hones. Instead clean diamond hones with water and a soft nylon brush. Diamond hones should be completely dry before next usage).

Cleaning Alumina Ceramic Crock Stick® Rods:

eraser block-sm2.jpg
When cleaning ceramic Crock Stick® rods like those found in the Lansky 4-Rod Turn Box, we recommend using a mildly abrasive eraser like the Lansky EraserBlock®.

The Lansky EraserBlock® was created specifically to clean metal particles which accumulate on the Crock Stick® rods during the sharpening process. Used periodically, it quickly removes metal deposits and restores the maximum sharpening ability of ceramic Crock Stick® rods.

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