Folding Knife Lock Types We Love

March 6, 2016

When purchasing a folding knife, one of the things you’ll want to consider is lock type. Locking mechanisms are important because they prevent the knife from folding closed on your hand. Here are 3 popular lock types we love.


Liner Lock


The liner lock is one of the most popular locking mechanisms. When opened, the liner gets moved from the side of the interior toward the center, just under the tang of the blade, which locks the blade into place.  To unlock the blade and return the knife to its closed position, the liner must be pushed back to the side. This can often be done with one hand.




Sometimes called a spine lock, the lockback is one of the oldest locks still in use today. The lockback is easily recognized by the lever on the back of the handle which, catches a notch at the end of the blade’s tang and locks it when the knife is opened. Pushing on the lever unlocks the blade and allows the knife to be closed.


Slip Joint


While a slip joint doesn’t have a true locking mechanism like we find on the liner lock and lockback, it is still a popular choice for traditional pocket knives. The slip joint uses the pressure from a spring to hold the blade up. This means it can also close under a certain amount of pressure. Generally, slip joints are very stiff and require two hands to open and close. They are a popular choice in many countries where it is illegal to carry knives that lock. 



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