When to Use a Knife with an Inwardly-Curved Blade

June 24, 2015

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If you’ve never owned a knife with an inwardly-curved blade before, you might be wondering why or how people use them. Inwardly-curved blades, like the one on the Lansky Madrock, can be used in many situations. Here are the top 4:


  • Knives with inwardly-curved blades can be great in rescue situations, like cutting through a seatbelt in an emergency.


  • Boaters and marine workers often use knives with inwardly-curved blades to cut through nets and nylon ropes. The shape of the blade helps prevent the rope from slipping. It also makes cutting in a downward motion much easier.



  • Knives with inwardly-curved blades are great for long cuts, like when slicing through linoleum. They also work well on tasks like stripping electrical cable.


  • Household tasks like opening mail or packages, and harvesting fruits and veggies from your garden become a breeze with this kind of blade.

To keep an inwardly-curved blade sharp, you’ll want to use a curved hone when working with your regular sharpening system.


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