16 More Knife Superstitions (Knife Superstitions & Folklore Part 2)

February 24, 2015

knives.JPGLast year we wrote a short post on Knife Superstitions & Folklore. It turned out to be an interesting topic that people enjoyed talking about, so we went digging for more.  Here are 16 knife superstitions to add to your knowledge bank. We’ve included the country of origin wherever possible.

  1. Thrusting a knife into the door of a house is believed to provide protection.
  2. If you play with a knife, the angels will run away from you. (Romania)
  3. A dropped knife means a man will visit.
  4. A dropped knife that sticks into the ground is a good sign. Good luck will come from the direction in which the knife is leaning. (In another superstition, a dropped knife is a bad sign).
  5. Do not leave crossed knives on the counter top or there will be an argument! (Ireland)
  6. Knife sets shouldn’t be given as wedding gifts because they can cause chaos in a marriage.
  7. Putting a knife with a black handle under your pillow is believed to keep away nightmares.  (Greece)
  8. Never stir anything with your knife. "Stir with a knife and stir up strife".
  9. A knife made of steel is said to protect you against curses and fairies.
  10. Some people believe that sharpening any blade after the sun goes down is bad luck.
  11. Sleeping on a bed with knives under it will scare away evil spirits. (China)
  12. Knives were included in some Anglo-Saxon burial rites, so that the dead would not go into the next world defenseless.
  13. Never cross your knife and fork on your plate at the table. It’s considered an insult to the symbol of the cross. (Italy)
  14. In some culture’s it’s believed that sticking a knife in a pregnant woman’s mattress guarantees she’ll have a boy.
  15. Never lick food off a knife. Doing so will make you a cruel person. (Russia)
  16. Eating from a knife will make you “angry like a dog”. (Russia)



Jul 26th, 2016
TY Uall R the Best 4 stories and gear! Lanksy rules the Sharpening world!! Loyal fans 4 many yrs now. TY such good gear
Dec 7th, 2016
What if superstitions were real? hahah... awesome. I sleep with a knife under my pillow, black handle. But it's a switchblade. With scissors, wine openers and such.
Dec 16th, 2016
In jamaica it is believed that if the knives in the house are dull, either there is no man in the house or he is wortless in bed..it is also believed that if you accidentally put a knife down with the blade up, somone who lives in the house will be leaving( travelling) for a long time.
Jun 6th, 2019
REALLY enjoy your site!
I am one of the ones who still believe in superstitions .
Keep up the great research.
Thank you
Jul 20th, 2019
In American prisons,its believed a dropped knife means a fight or riot will break out soon.
Joe Arnone
Oct 23rd, 2019
For Good Luck...Birthday/Wedding etc... The person cuts the cake, but leaves the knife in the cake. Someone else will take the knife out and distribute the cake to the party goers.

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