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With a history as long as 2.6 million years, it’s no wonder superstitions about knives can be found all over the world. Here are a few interesting ones we came across while scouring the internet: Never give a knife as a house-warming present; your…Read More
At Lansky Sharpeners we love using our grill almost as much as we love sharp knives. That’s why each year when summer appears, we break out the barbeque and take advantage of every perfect day. Sometimes we’ll grill chicken, sometimes burgers o…Read More
Before we get into the ins and outs of sharpening a cleaver, the first thing you should know is that there is more than one style of cleaver. The western cleaver, or meat cleaver, has a thick blade that isn’t very sharp. Because the western cleaver is mea…Read More
Recently, we received a question on Facebook about using the Lansky multi-angle knife clamp with a USMC KA-BAR. We posted an answer to the question, but also wanted to post the information here for our blog readers. When placing the knife in the clamp, ma…Read More
Looking for a great, affordable gift for Dad this Father’s Day? Lansky Sharpeners has you covered. Whether your father is a hunter, the household chef, a camping enthusiast or your personal hero, here are some gifts to show him you love him, without …Read More