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We all use kitchen knives but we don’t all use them properly. The proper use of and care for a kitchen knife are important components to a knife’s longevity. When used and maintained properly, a kitchen knife is a safe, effective tool. It’s when we get car…Read More
The World Legal is an ambidextrous carry knife with a 4-position pocket clip. Because it’s been designed with all users in mind (lefties, righties, tip-up or tip-down carriers), the clip can be changed to suit each person’s needs.   Changing the pocket …Read More
When most people think of what needs sharpening around the house, they think of their kitchen and hunting knives, cleavers or axes. That’s a good start, but your ice skates also need to be sharp, your woodworking tools, and yes, even your lawn tools. Shar…Read More
With a history as long as 2.6 million years, it’s no wonder superstitions about knives can be found all over the world. Here are a few interesting ones we came across while scouring the internet: Never give a knife as a house-warming present; your…Read More
At Lansky Sharpeners we love using our grill almost as much as we love sharp knives. That’s why each year when summer appears, we break out the barbeque and take advantage of every perfect day. Sometimes we’ll grill chicken, sometimes burgers o…Read More