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Tang is an important characteristic of fixed-blade knives. The Tang is the portion of the blade that extends down into the handle. There are several types of knife tangs, but they can be broken down into two main categories: Full Tang and Partial Tang.   …Read More
The Master’s Edge can be used for 1-stage and 2-stage sharpening, and can also be used to sharpen serrations. The round medium grey Ceramic Rods are for sharpening, and the round white Ceramic Rods are for polishing. The medium, multi angle, triangular rod…Read More
Each year on August 24th, we celebrate National Knife Day. Although we don't know the exact origin of this holiday, and we don't get a special day off work, it's still a lot of fun to share our appreciation for what is probably the most useful tool ever in…Read More
There’s a lot more to knife terminology than “blade” and “handle”. In fact, the list of terms associated with knives is so extensive that, in this post, we’ll just be sharing some of the more common ones. The following list is a good starting point for ne…Read More
Does our CEO have what it takes to hunt the African Wild? Lansky CEO, Chris Fire, is a pretty well-rounded individual who's as comfortable in the boardroom as he is at a workbench. Need a knife sharpening tutorial? Chris is your man. Flat tire? Chris just…Read More