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If you're looking for a great, affordable gift for Father’s Day this year, Lansky Sharpeners has you covered. Whether your father is a hunter, a chef, an outdoor enthusiast, or just your personal hero, here are a few gifts that will show him you love him, …Read More
Universal Huntress TV’s Jen O’Hara and Norissa Harman are the prey. You are the hunter. As the hunter, your job is to find Jen or Norissa and take a selfie with them. Upload your selfie to http://facebook.com/lanskysharpeners  using the hashtags #HuntThe…Read More
We live in a disposable society that asks for immediate gratification, yet there are realities we all must face. Like doing the same chore repeatedly. When we dirty dishes, we clean them. When we dirty clothes, we launder them. When we use our knives to ch…Read More
Ontario Knife Company's new Robeson Heirloom® series was designed with a classic look and built for endurance, featuring knives with a robust full-tang D2 tool steel blade and stabilized hardwood handles. The Robeson Heirloom Trailing Point is a tradition…Read More
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When you first enter the world of knife sharpening, it can seem like there's a whole new language to learn. In this post you'll find some of the most commonly used terms in sharpening.   Abrasive – The material used to sharpen your blade. Some common ab…Read More