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If you took the time to read my last blog post, “Knife Edge Grinds and Uses”, then you should have a fairly decent idea of the different knife grinds out there and what they are most commonly used for. The edge or grind on a knife is the true “technology…Read More
The knife is an amazing thing, so common that we often dismiss its importance and value in our everyday lives.  Mankind has been using a sharpened edge to interact and manipulate our surrounding environment as far back as we have walked the earth.  The kni…Read More
Hello and welcome back to the Lansky Sharpeners Blog.  I hope everyone enjoyed my last post about the importance of A Sharp Knife.  The importance of keeping your blades sharp is an easy subject for me to step up on my soap box and rant about.  Having a pr…Read More
Hello and welcome back to the Lansky Sharpeners Blog.  I’m going to start with the basics; A Sharp Knife.  In basketball they say, “It’s all about the fundamentals “, and that saying is true to knife sharpening as well.  The basics of the process are what …Read More
Hello and welcome to the Lansky Sharpeners Blog,  where you can find the latest and greatest news, tips, advice and anything else remotely related to sharpening.  We are going to cover everything from great new products and sharpening tutorials/t…Read More